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Visitors open the room planner directly from your website to plan their spaces.

Encourage your Customers to Prepare Appealing and Practical Floor Layouts

  • In The Marketplace: Mitta-ovi Mestarit Mitta-ovi Mestarit, a Finnish bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturer, offers the PlanningWiz technology on their website and to support their retailer network.
  • Your Room Planner as Lead Generator The planner prompts users to register/login in order to save a room design or to access previously saved projects. Immediately, the contact details of your users are available to you from the Reporting Area add-on, along with the list of products they have used to plan their spaces.
Sample plan generated by floor plan software

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1. Modern Looks and User-Friendly Interface

PlanningWiz 3D room planner can help you engage better with your website visitors, giving them the opportunity to generate floor plans and visualizing their online designs in next to no time;

2. Hosting and Full Time Dedicated Customer Service;

PlanningWiz team develops long term relationships with the customers by being available and opened. Our customer service and support has always been much appreciated by our collaborators.

3. Key Analytics of the Floor Plan Maker;

PlanningWiz online space planner comes with integrated  features and key analytics that provide valuable insights about your website visitors which can be used as a CRM tool, which we encourage you to do it;

4. Increased Sales Volumes and Reduced Returns

To save and access their floor plans prospects must register on the PlanningWiz floor planner. By using the included Reporting Area you can get the contact details and the items prospects have worked with, which will have a give you a good idea of their preferences. Acting upon them can make a significant difference on your sales figures.

5. PlanningWiz Floor Planner as a Marketing Tool

Your sales team can use PlanningWiz room planner to make faster proposals to your customers because now our 3D floor planner is nore interactive then ever and also available on iPad. Give it a try!