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Mitta-ovi Mestarit, a Finnish bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturer, offers the PlanningWiz technology on their website and to support their retailer network. The Bathroom Planner application allows customers to plan & preview prior to purchase their bathroom & kitchen walls to determine the ideal product configuration and layout to meet their individual needs.


Convincing prospects to buy furniture from you can prove quite challenging in the highly competitive market of today. Not knowing upfront how the desired furniture fits in the allocated space is the reason of delayed purchase decision, returns or visits to the competition.


You most likely want to take advantage of the viral character facebook posts or youtube videos can get. We will give you next a few hints on how to turn this great promotional channel into a money making machine using the floor planner as a hook.


Hiking Trails for Weekend Warriors

Created on 27.05.2014

Near our city there are many great trails. I never thought about how the hiking trails are created and maintained. This weekend is when I realized trails do not just pop up overnight.


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