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Hiking Trails for Weekend Warriors

Created on 27.05.2014

Near our city there are many great trails. I never thought about how the hiking trails are created and maintained. This weekend is when I realized trails do not just pop up overnight.


Re-designed from ground zero, the new Share Plans function features an intuitive interface that makes sharing floor designs via social media channels a breeze.


For the second year in a row, with the wonderful support of the humanitarian organization World Vision, we have worked to give a happy holiday season to the needy children in a small and poor community about 50 km away from our location.


The success of a room planner is directly related to the amount of advertising the planner gets. This sentence is as good as a quote, as far as we are concerned.


Trip to the Fun County

Created on 09.08.2013

Every year our company organizes a summer camp, where the team travels to an idyllic destination, visit all there is to visit, play team-building games, and basically spend time together.


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