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Books for Needy Rural Schools

Created on 09.04.2013

Making good progress at school is key to finding a route out of poverty for many rural children. Still, being an ambitious learner is not the only thing required to ensure better chances for the future. The actual environment of rural schools sometimes makes it hard for students to succeed.


Why Users Love PlanningWiz

Created on 05.04.2013

PlanningWiz is a powerful online room planner software with easy-to-use tools that creates a positive and engaging user experience through game-like environment transformation and design features.


We have all you need to get you started on your Spring sales growth and into generating profitable online customer engagement!


Extra Brand Exposure & Sales Leads

Created on 03.04.2013

With a newly launched free update, all room planner users can post on their Facebook Timeline a link to any plan they design and within one click they can share it among their community of Friends!


Some custom editions of PlanningWiz provide a place to change units from imperial to metric and vice-versa. Attention, not all planners are set to include both measurement systems, it depends on how our customer needs this feature.


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