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Christmas Gifts For Orphans

Created on 05.12.2014


Christmas time is coming and with it comes that special time of the year when a lot of money is being spent on gifts for family members and friends. But when you are a child living in an orphanage, December is not always the time of joy and presents.  



Hiking Trails for Weekend Warriors

Created on 27.05.2014

Near our city there are many great trails. I never thought about how the hiking trails are created and maintained. This weekend is when I realized trails do not just pop up overnight.


For the second year in a row, with the wonderful support of the humanitarian organization World Vision, we have worked to give a happy holiday season to the needy children in a small and poor community about 50 km away from our location.


Joy for Children

Created on 02.07.2013

We have a great taste for opportunities where we can team up and give back to our community.


Books for Needy Rural Schools

Created on 09.04.2013

Making good progress at school is key to finding a route out of poverty for many rural children. Still, being an ambitious learner is not the only thing required to ensure better chances for the future. The actual environment of rural schools sometimes makes it hard for students to succeed.


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