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Created on 21.06.2013

PlanningWiz Top 3 Business Boosting Tips (part I)

At its best use PlanningWiz is a powerful tool that provides your business with a steady stream of highly qualified leads and opportunities to promote and sell your products.


So what else can be done, beside enhancing your website with a branded room planner edition?


Read below about our Top 3 Business Boosting Tips that will guarantee and increase new lead generation, website engagement and communication opportunities for achieving your business objectives.


Business Boosting Tip Number 1: Make Your Planner Visible


PlanningWiz will bring profitable outcomes only if your clients are aware of its existence. Promoting your planner improves its visibility, usage and also leads to long-term sales increase. We know, from years of experience, that the success of a business using our room planner is strongly linked to the amount of clients aware and using it.


We highly advice all of our clients to include PlanningWiz into their communication strategy, and here is how you can do that:



A. Promote The Planner On Your Website


Offering a free room planning tool on your website can transform your users’s interaction into a positive engagement experience. Your online visitors will spend more time on your website, which in turn will create more opportunities to sell, so make sure that the PlanningWiz room planner is prominently pointed out on your website homepage.


You might want to add a clearly visible link or an (animated) banner in a highly visible spot on the homepage and also throughout the website, especially on the product categories and product details pages, to maximize the time a potential client spend with your website and increase potential for cross or up-sales.



B. Promote The Planner In Your Store


Your clients will welcome the opportunity of having a room planner ready to use in-store. You can expose the planner through free access computers or video displays. In-store presence will be seen as a benefit your business ads to their shopping experience.


Due to the easy-to-use features, your sales agents should be able to assist customers with their desired floor plans designs. The resulting floor plan can be printed, along with an itemized list of products, saved for future reference, or emailed to the customer at the very moment, supporting you in closing the sale.



C. Promote The Planner In Your Current Advertising Campaigns


It always helps to promote your on-line or in-store planning tool within your current advertising campaigns. The planner can be presented as a benefit to the customer’s experience and a commitment for better service on your business’ behalf.


Make sure to include the room planner link ( in any relevant advertisement or reference to your business services, such as online ads or advertorials, printed flyers or banners promoting your business.


Since new potential clients will always decide based on your advantages vs. competition’s, the benefit of a free on-line room planner on your website or in your stores will greatly support your sales argument!


to be continued ...



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