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Created on 29.07.2013

Your Room Planner as Lead Generator


The add-on Reporting Area allows you reap out maximum benefit from your website. It is our favorite add-on, certainly being worth much more than its real cost. It converts your website traffic into identified leads and it will be one of the most effective marketing tools you use.


The planner prompts users to register/login in order to save a room design or to access previously saved projects. Immediately, the contact details of your users are available to you from the Reporting Area add-on, along with the list of products they have used to plan their spaces. Those are valuable insights that help you market your products more effectively.


What's in:

  • user contact info
  • review saved plan to identify preferences
  • top products
  • search & export to .csv


The Reporting Area identifies your website users and shows you their preferences. Now on Offer + a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.




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