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Created on 27.05.2014

Hiking Trails for Weekend Warriors


Near our city there are many great trails. I never thought about how the hiking trails are created and maintained. This weekend is when I realized trails do not just pop up overnight.


Our company decided to support a mountain club and environmental NGO that is dedicated to building and maintaining tourism trails in exciting & diverse locations across the country. From now on we are provided with a lump number of weekends to spend outdoor by refacing an old mountain hiking path that we are proud that is wearing our company's name in frame of a volunteering program.


During this weekend we volunteered on a 5 km long trail in the mountains. Serious work with heavy duty tools but all-in-all building a trail is just as fun as hiking.


We have created something that now many people can enjoy + we can appreciate the work that goes in to building and maintaining a trail. If we'll ever see a team working when we are out hiking, we'll go thank them. :)


Click here to view some pictures.



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