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Created on 26.08.2014

How to use the planner to promote your business on Social Networks

You most likely want to take advantage of the viral character facebook posts or youtube videos can get. We will give you next a few hints on how to turn this great promotional channel into a money making machine using the floor planner as a hook.


While taking a close look at our marketing materials we noticed that one major benefit of the planner has been totally omitted so far: its great potential as a promotional tool for social networks like facebook or google+.


You should begin by creating awareness. This can be achieved with posts of plans created by real users of your integrated planner. Use catchy headlines such as "Want to see what a great floor / room plan George did in several minutes?" or "Can you make a nicer plan than John?" or "Can you fit the products better than Roland?", a guy who bought products from you without having sketched a plan before. Make sure everyone understands how much hassle the planner can spare them and your brand will get an important boost.


When you are confident your followers got the message, organize a simple and inexpensive contest with one to three prizes for the plans they shared on facebook or g+ that received the most likes. Even something as small as 100 USD gift certificates can drive your prospects into action.


For youtube you can prepare funny movies with guys trying to make fit objects they purchased without having previously sketched a floor plan and then show a few customers who used the planner before buying.


You may also rely on the social networks to keep your followers up to date with the new features we add to the planner.


We look forward to helping you prepare and implement a coherent social media plan. Please feel free to ask if you need additional advice or consultancy.



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