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Created on 14.10.2014

In The Marketplace: Mitta-ovi Mestarit


Mitta-ovi Mestarit, a Finnish bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturer, offers the PlanningWiz technology on their website and to support their retailer network. The Bathroom Planner application allows customers to plan & preview prior to purchase their bathroom & kitchen walls to determine the ideal product configuration and layout to meet their individual needs.


The customers are also presented with a real-time price calculation on the products of interest. The resulting layouts can be printed, along with an itemized list of products, saved for future reference, or emailed at the very moment to the closest retailer in the area.


Within the included Reporting Area, Mitta-ovi Mestarit gets real-time access to the contact details of the registered users, the plans they save and the products they are interested in - thus benefiting from a ready-to-use database of identified prospects.



30: Days since launch
30: Number of registered users since launch
60: Number of saved layouts since launch

01: Average new registered users per day
02: Average new layouts per day


Since it's launch the Mitta-ovi Mestarit Bathroom Planner has:

  • Clearly differentiated Mitta-ovi Mestarit;
  • Acted as a highly efficient sales tool for the company;
  • Commenced itself as a great online showroom for the company’s products.

 Click here to enjoy the space planner in Suomi or in English.




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