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Created on 08.07.2016

New Awesome Features Coming Up Soon

We are working hard to elevate the way we work for you and the way PlanningWiz room planner works for your customers! We’ve always valued our customer’s and user’s opinion therefore Planningwiz technical team is working on developing three new awesome features for our 3D room planner.

First will be the functionality to change the object's color.  We know this is an important feature and it was highly asked, so it will be updated soon.

Then it will be the functionality of objects to snap to the wall and to each other and will speed up the process in your plan making.

And third is the most awesome feature of all, you will be able to upload videos into the planner. In this way all will be more realistic and alive for your room layout.

We're eager to make PlanningWiz the most powerful room planning tool for you as a private user so you can create beautiful room plans or for your customers and sales associates to help you convert your website traffic into registered users and profiled customers!

Please let us know if you have any feedback for us and check out today our proven 3D floor planner:

Stay tuned with PlanningWiz!



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