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Created on 16.05.2017

How to build a green wall with a few bucks and have fun

The latest trends in office decoration are the green walls, especially if we are living in a big city where green spaces are less a less frequent, being replaced by more grey areas. And because it’s harder to control the outdoor spaces, it’s easier to bring nature indoors.


Besides the great benefits of air purity, being a natural air filter and creating a cleaner, more invigorating environment, there is also the soothing factor. As office workers, we are spending more the eight hours a day inside, so being around nature more it can enhance job satisfaction and creativity.


Taken this into account, we at PlanningWiz have decided to create a green wall together and not just by buy a wall garden. Besides the fact that green walls don’t come cheap, it is more fun to create it as a team work.


First was the research; we had to decide which plants are adequate for our type of environment; form the climate to which wall we want to decorate, because depending on these factors we chose the plant. In our case the wall we wanted to decorate wasn’t very close to a window, thus it won’t have much natural light. So we had to chose a plant which wasn’t sensible to that fact and that can survive in more rough conditions. Then we decided that we would go with a climber plant which grows in a pot and which is growing fast. Based on all this, we choose epipremnum aureum or 'Devil's ivy', making sure that nobody has allergies to it.


Then we had to think of a solution for its support and we have found a plastic support net which was hanged from the ceiling very close to the wall making sure this way that the wall itself won’t be affected in any way.


You can see from our pictures that we had a lot of fun as amateur gardeners and realized once more that things made by your hand, are always more rewarding. 


We are proud of our team work and all we have to do now is to wait to grow, but being ivy that’s is no problem because is spreading very fast and soon we will enjoy the benefits of our fully grown wall garden.

I’ll keep you posted it with the development of it and many thanks to the PlanningWiz team for such good work!



Created on 17.05.2017
by Madalina

I really like this program, it's very useful and fun to use

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