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If you want to sketch or create detailed floor designs, PlanningWiz is an easy-to-use space planning solution with plenty of useful features making the room planner very flexible.

PlanningWiz is an intuitive 3D floor planner that everyone can use to create from simple to very complex home designs. It provides planning, configuration and 3D visualization capabilities and it is working on any any operating system and device.


If you are in certain professional categories, like for example in real estate, interior design, furniture retail or architecture, PlanningWiz can add consistent value to your business.




What you get for subscribing to the premium features?


  • Unlimited number of floor plans


If you are using PlanningWiz one time to redecorate or when you are moving into a new home, you can do it with no charge, because you have up to 5 floor plans to create with the free option. But if you want to use PlanningWiz on long term and to create unlimited number of floor plans, we recommend the GROW subscription; this way you never run out of plans.


  • Email the floor designs

This option is very useful if you want to share your work with your friends or your customers; this feature may be very handy and save you time. You can use this function to communicate fast with the people who you want to share your work with. If you are an interior designer or a real estate company, this function is a must, since you can send the plans so easy to your customers.

Moreover, it is very easy for the receiver because there is no need for him to login, no need to make an account, he just opens the plan and checks it out. However, if he wants to make changes and to send it back to you, this requires registration; but this way the communication between you is highly accelerated.


  • Print the floor plans

PlanningWiz also offers you as a premium function, the possibility to print the floor plans you are creating.

Use the print feature for better exposure of your plans or to make live presentations.

It has a bunch of options you can use:

  1. print portrait or landscape, depending on the size of the plan

  2. the page size, besides the usual A4, you can print it A3, A5, or as a letter

  3. to print full page, or just the work-area, to hide or not the grid

  4. also it give you the possibility to attach an annex which can include the list of furniture that is used in the plan or just some comments.

This way your stamped plan look on paper as good as on screen.


  • Export your plans

You want to always have access to your floor plans, even when you don’t have an internet connection? You want to embed great floor plans on your website ? Or you just want to send the plans as a document and not via the floor planner? The export function has this exact purpose.

This function has also various options and resolutions:

- 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, ⅓ plan size and ¼ plan size for Grow subscription

- 1280x720, 1920x1080, Half plan and Full plan for Pro subscription;

You also can choose the type of format you have to export your plans (SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF) so this way you can decide what fit you better.


  • Upload background image

You want to speed up the process of drawing the plans? If you already have the blueprints of the plans you want to draw, you can use them as a sketch by uploading them into the planner.



If you have the blueprints in PDF, JPEG or PNG format, you can upload them into the planner and start drawing right away! Just a little tip, double click on the image to resize it and them use the dimension tool and scale the image. It couldn’t be more easier than that!


  • Personalize your account

This functionality helps you to increase your visibility, customize your floor plans and promote your brand.

With PlanningWiz PRO you can personalize your floor designs by adding your logo (in PNG format) which will appear on print, send by email, export and also a general description of the plans you are creating, which will appear on the bottom of the page.

This way you make sure you take credit for the designs you are creating and that you are advertising your brand.


Happy planning!

PlanningWiz team



PlanningWiz & CrowdHolding

Created on 23.03.2017

If you want to sketch or create detailed floor plan designs, PlanningWiz is an easy-to-use space planning solution with plenty of useful features making the room planner very flexible.

PlanningWiz is an intuitive 3D floor planner that everyone can use to create from simple to very complex home designs. It provides planning, configuration and 3D visualization capabilities and it is working on any any operating system and device.

With PlanningWiz floor planner, you will be able to manage where to place your furniture in the room before you buy it, so it is perfect if you are remodeling or buying a new home. Then you will be able to visualize the whole plan in 3D format and Walk-through mode.

PlanningWiz room planner is an online application and you don’t need to download anything, you just need a computer and an internet connection. Moreover, PlanningWiz is keeping up with the technology development and they have improved the room planner which is built in the latest technology and you don’t need anything else to have installed on your computer.

It is clear that the 3D design is a part of our lives. The usage of the 3D technology is growing fast, has numerous advantages and plays a significant role in the development of the world. There are numerous floor plan software out there, but what makes PlanningWiz unique is the team which is behind it; from the programmer which carefully writes the code for more awesome features to the customer service agent which is always ready to answer any question and solve any issue. They all function as a team and their goal is to make customers happy, from the home user which uses PlanningWiz to redecorate to the big furniture company which uses Planningwiz to engage better with their website visitors.

PlanningWiz has been on the market since 2005 and now delivers a highest performance in 3D design and room planning solutions (value adding solutions for companies in the real estate, fitness and furniture industries).

If you want to create a floor plan of your apartment or your goal is to place customer satisfaction at the heart of your business, don’t forget to check PlannigWiz project on Crowdholding.

In today’s hypercompetitive environment it is difficult to get a competitive advantage over a huge number of market players. Crowdholding is becoming an extremely useful platform for small and medium size businesses because it connects the crowd and the entrepreneurs to collaborate and share the future revenues.

PlanningWiz has launched a project on which enables you to co-create with them by giving ideas and feedback for constant development of their product. An innovative small business such as PlannigWiz is on a continuous journey to innovate and you as a crowdholder can give ideas for a percentage of the project's future revenue.

What if could create a revolutionary business or improve a current one? PlanningWiz, a 3D design platform, has launched a project on with the goal to share future revenue with the crowd, in exchange for ideas and feedback for their product. Crowdholding allows you to contribute your ideas and make changes for the better.





Redecorating is stressful and gives you many headaches? It doesn’t have to be!


PlanningWiz 3D floor planner makes your life easier and redecorating becomes fun!



PlanningWiz is a super easy and fun to use floor planning tool that anybody can use to create great looking home designs. It is perfect for drawing detailed colorful floor plans, preview them in 3D and get a ‘real feel’ for how your space will look like. This will help you understand better your house layout and size and it is perfect for home improvements.



Using our online room planner, you can sketch the room you want to redecorate or the whole house within minutes. After that, use our new decoration item like: plants, pillows, books, vases and many others, to decorate your house in order to match exactly your taste.



Try it now and you have up to five projects for free. Note that in order to save a project, you have to login first.



Happy planning!




Access the room planner!



Are you a property management company that has a portfolio of properties across town?Are you asking yourself how can you interact better with your potential customers? Do you want to present them more than just a blueprint?


Planningwiz 3D floor planner might be the perfect solution for you. 

With the premium functionalities you can create perfect floor plans for your customers.


These are:

  • Unlimited floor plans
  • Upload background floor plan
  • Printing function
  • Send by email 
  • High-resolution export
  • Adding your branding to the floor plans


With all this you can create interactive floor plans, save time and earn customers.


Learn now how you can do all this by checking it now here:

If you are either a private user which wants to build their room, or passionate designer which loves to create beautiful room layouts, we have good news. With a newly launched free update, our 3D room planner is more awesome then ever.


Because many of our users wanted to have the functionality to change the object’s color, we made it happen. Now you can create awesome floor plans with PlanningWiz, which match your tastes and needs!

Besides that, another cool functionality is that you have the possibility to see that catalogue of objects in 3D, so you see exactly how the items you want, it will look like.

And least but not last, now you can preview the plan in 3D with 'PIP' mode when you are in 2D.


We are preparing other surprises to our users, so they can enjoy working with PlanningWiz floor planner and create online cool room designs, so stay tuned with us.


Until then, happy planning and check out here out online room designer.

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