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The Fee Structure of the Virtual Room Maker and Floor Planner

  • Extra Brand Exposure & Sales Leads With a newly launched free update, all room planner users can post on their Facebook Timeline a link to any plan they design and within one click they can share it among their community of Friends!

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The Fee Structure of the 3D Online Floor Planner

The PlanningWiz 3D online planner is highly affordable. You would have to pay just a monthly fee. There is no minimum time contract or any other hidden fees.

You have three plans to choose from, each of them providing you access to a different set of features and benefits. The monthly fee includes:

  • Setting up the floor planner branded with your logo and colors, including generic objects;
  • Customization of the planner's appearance, where needed (e.g. removing items, unneeded features, and a bunch of visual settings);
  • Assistance to integrate the planner within your website;
  • Hosting, updates, and support;
  • Basic analytics: the contact information of the interested buyer and the plans they have saved.

Depending on the plan chosen you will get a combination of the following services and features:

  • Integration of your own product catalog with the floor planner to allow customers plan their spaces with your products;
  • Showcasing custom predefined plans in the planner: you will be able to publish customized predefined room templates;
  • Advanced analytics: the contact information of the interested buyer and the products they worked with.


You can also:

  • Have our team create and add sample plans on your site. You will be charged per plan added to the floor planner;
  • Have our team create and add objects to your planner. You will be charged per object created and added.




Floor Plan Design Service


We know you like to create awesome floor plans and PlanningWiz is a powerful room builder, so besides a modern and cool room planner, PlanningWiz also offers floor plan design service.


You have a blueprint which you want to see as a floor plan and you’re too busy to build your room online? PlanningWiz is happy to help you transform your layout into a room design!


We create beautiful floor plans from a simple blueprint and save you time; all for a modest fee!


For details contact us at and we will assist you!