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Intuitive and User Friendly 3D Room Planner Proven To Increase Sales

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3D Online Room Planner Boosts Sales and Reduces Returns by a High Margin

If you are the owner or manager of a furniture retail, gym equipment retail, or real estate company, an integrated room planner into your website can increase the sales turnover and reduce the rate of returns for your products.

You can achieve this ambitious goal easily with PlanningWiz space designing software. The 3D floor planner engages your customers to have fun while designing their home; a game which they will definitely enjoy.


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Your Branded 3D Online Floor Planner

To see how your products fit in their spaces, customers launch the branded edition of the PlanningWiz room planner directly from your website.

Planning their living environment in real-time using generic or real product icons turns them into your loyal customers, while making them feel like accomplished interior designers. Then being able to visualize their homes in 3D, will definitely make you their fist option.

Room planning has never been easier and more entertaining. Your customer's fun and risk mitigation means dollars for you, so don't let this opportunity slip by!