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Testimonials for our online Room Planner

Biodex made the decision to offer a floor planner to our customers a couple of years ago and are very pleased that we chose PlanningWiz. Their easy-to-use floor planner proved to be a valuable asset to our customers allowing them to plan their area with our products, and add additional items, giving them a realistic sense of space. Our customers could then save their plans and share them with colleagues and co-workers.

The team at PlanningWiz has been a pleasure to work. We made several customization requests for the plan to better suite our needs. Each request was met quickly and to our satisfaction.

Leslie Dunn, Senior Web Designer at Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Well IF you prefer me being a satisfied customer I suggest you let me negotiate the price again and give you 30% more than you requested for the first 12 months of the contract... I can imagine you've done a lot more work than you offered and I do not want to take advantage of your efforts, especially when the result is above all expectations. Hope this suggestions helps even a little to compensate.

Mika Nieminen, General Manager at Mitta-ovi Mestarit

The PlanningWiz Room Planner has been a great solution for Jordan’s Furniture customers and team members alike. Not only does PlanningWiz make room planning simple with its plug and play interface, the backend reporting features allow you to see who your customers are, what specific products they are interacting with and the type of room(s) they are creating.

PlanningWiz also has impeccable customer service. We have made several requests for customization and each time the PlanningWiz team was able to deliver in days rather than weeks.

Paul Flebotte, Web Manager at Jordan’s Furniture

On average we get 3 "request for quotes" on a month through the planner interface. We consider this an excellent return on our investment in the planner.

Yancy Young, Marketing Director for TriActive America

Our customers cannot function without a room planner. It is very important for our customers to be able to realistically and accurately see how our equipment will fit and will layout within their room specifications. Our website MUST include a room planning program. We could not provide excellent customer service without it. PlanningWiz makes every effort to ensure that we get the most out of their program by customizing program controls to our customers’ needs and keeping us informed about all of our options. PlanningWiz representatives have always been very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

Regina West, Marketing Manager at Medfit Systems, Inc, Manufacturer of Nautilus Commercial Products

PlanningWiz provides a fantastic tool for visitors to our website, which we provide free of charge for anyone, whether they have purchased a product from us or not. I first found PlanningWiz when I needed to plan our new showroom. I was astounded at the usability from a web app. It's so easy to plan your room space, move items around, measure distances between furniture, and try out different plans. Much easier than graph paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors!

I was so pleased with the results I thought it would be really useful for our customers to use when planning their home games rooms. When it came to integrating PlanningWiz with our website Ramona couldn't have been more helpful. They have branded everything to match our company brand colors and use our logo. They have provided our products for customers to drag and drop onto their room plans. Nothing was too much trouble.

 So in summary, PlanningWiz is a great tool which is easy for anyone to use. The backup service is second to none. Highly recommended.

Andy Beresford, Managing Director at Home Leisure Direct

PlanningWiz has been an excellent solution for our online room planning needs. We were able to custom create icons and make modifications easily. The team at PlanningWiz and our account manager Ramona have been very responsive and they have responded with urgency and efficiency. Our sales associates have found the tool to be very useful and a value add to their sales proposals. PlanningWiz allowed us to take our service to the next level and we are thankful for the reliable service they have provided.

Anne-Marie H., Manager of Marketing for Star Companies

I don’t know if there is anything that I can think of that could have improved the management of this project. PlanningWiz is on the other side of the world, yet I feel like you were just down the road. Your service has been simply amazing! Thank you.

Debbie Caporusso, Marketing Promotions Manager at Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

We have been using PlanningWiz for several months now. It has proven to be a popular tool for customers on our website and we will now be upgrading to the full custom library as many customers need more detail on their plans. We have been very happy with the tool.

Paul Bodger, Director at Anytime Leisure

PlanningWiz has been a huge success for In 2 months since going live with it over 450 rooms were decorated online. Planning and previewing is reducing the amount of returns and boosting sales.

Srecko Ðurdevic, General Manager at

The PlanningWiz Room Planner has commenced itself as a premier-specialized software providing an easy user-friendly interface for creation of custom room layouts. PlanningWiz has allowed me to establish a convenient service for my website visitors, which promises to yield a significant increase in sales. On the administration level, it provides a statistical overview of my client’s furniture interests, as well as, a tool to collect and generate client’s provided personal information for marketing campaigns.

Igor. B., e-Commerce Manager at Modern Line Furniture

As suppliers of dental equipment, we’ve always tried to come with forward-looking solutions that work in a competitive environment such as ours. With PlanningWiz we can offer our customers the great experience of easily planning their space before making the actual purchase. They appreciate such a tool and feel more confident about doing business with us. Therefore, PlanningWiz works brilliantly for me.

Lennard Leenheer, Manager at E-Dental

We were really surprised to see room layouts made by our customers in such a short period after adding the planner to our website. It's so useful for us to see what furniture they have used to decorate their homes and the spaces where our customers live and work. Thank you for this option.

Natalia Shchemelinina, Office Manager at 8Marta Furniture