Engages Your Customers & Drives More Sales

Easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate room planning solution that is proven to enhance your online customer experience and generate more sales.

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  • Visitors open the room planner directly from your website to plan their spaces.
  • Includes generic and/or your own products.
  • Customized with your logo and colors.

Add PlanningWiz room planner to your website and watch your business grow!


PlanningWiz is an interactive room planning solution that supports real sales growth by engaging and inspiring consumers in furniture retail, gym equipment retail and property development.


Your customers launch a branded edition of PlanningWiz directly from your website to quickly plan their living environment in real-time by using generic or your real product icons. PlanningWiz room designer lets consumers interact with your products and picture them in their own space.



Integrated Features & Key Analytics


The planner comes with integrated  features and key analytics that can help you determine insights and grow your business:


✔ Consumers’ contact information through our Reporting Area environment

✔ Products usage information offering you the opportunity to advertise in a targeted way

✔ Visibility to the room plans designed by your clients and custom made product icons that will help you better understand consumer behavior


PlanningWiz iPad app

Why Choose PlanningWiz room planner?


There are a few extra perks and benefits worth remembering before choosing the PlanningWiz floor planner as your room planner solution:


✔ No hidden fees

✔ No setup fees

✔ No minimum contract time

✔ Full time dedicated quality service



To see how it all works we invite you to try the room planner Demo or simply Contact Us to find out more about how our PlanningWiz solution can help you grow your business!


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