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Visitors open the room planner directly from your website to plan their spaces.

Value adding solutions for companies in the fitness and furniture industries:

More Sales, Fewer Returns From Floor Plans

By offering your site and store visitors the chance to preview your products in a floor plan you actually empower them. A customer who sees upfront that a product fits in the planned space makes the purchase decision significantly faster than one who does not. This means your prospects are less likely to visit your competitor's web site or store and to delay the actual purchase. All in all, the PlanningWiz floor planner can bring you important increases in sales.

Effective Brand Differentiation With The Floor Planner

The PlanningWiz planner allows you to add value to your offer in a simple and cost-effective way and thus outdo your competitors who do not adopt such a solution.  By adding the floor planner to your website, you provide your site visitors with valuable information about your products in the comfort of their homes. By creating and printing the floor plans with itemized lists of products branded with your logo they will remember you and become paying, long term customers.

The Room Planner: A Simple And effective Sales And CRM Tool

Furniture items, carpets, doors,floor coverings, doors, windows, lamps are provided with the PlanningWiz room planner either as generic or as real, branded objects. Placing them in the room plan and setting their sizes, colors, and relative positions is so easy and straightforward it can take less than a minute.

Withthe PlanningWiz room planner your customers can convert their ideas into plans with unprecedented ease. A few clicks and your products are in their desired positions; the floor shape and size and objects can be set up on the fly even by a toddler.

Some retailers reported decreases of up to 50% in the decision time and of up to 40% in returns, which led to a considerable improvement in the bottom line.

Place customer satisfaction at the heart of your business and you will soon see a boom in sales!

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